MAX16914 Ideal Diode, Reverse-Battery, and Overvoltage Protection Switch/Limiter Controllers with External MOSFETs

Product DetailsThe MAX16914/MAX16915 low-quiescent-current overvoltage and reverse-battery protection controllers are designed for automotive and industrial systems that must tolerate high-voltage transient and fault conditions. These conditions include l

LTC4361-1 LTC4361-2 Overvoltage/Overcurrent Protection Controller

Product DetailsThe LTC4361 overvoltage/overcurrent protection controller safeguards 2.5V to 5.5V systems from input supply overvoltage. It is designed for portable devices with multiple power supply options including wall adaptors, car battery adaptors an

MAX15091A 2.7V to 18V, 9A, Integrated Hot-Swap Solution with Current Report Output

Product DetailsThe MAX15091/MAX15091A ICs are integrated solutions for hot-swap applications requiring the safe insertion and removal of circuit line cards from a live backplane. The devices integrate a hot-swap controller, 18mΩ (typ) power MOSFET,

MAX14699 High-Accuracy, Surge-Protected Overvoltage Protectors

Product DetailsThe MAX14699 overvoltage protection (OVP) device features a low 38mΩ (typ) on-resistance (RON) internal FET and protects low-voltage systems against voltage faults up to +28VDC. An internal clamp also protects the device from surges u

MAX17562 Adjustable Overvoltage and Overcurrent Protectors with High Accuracy

Product DetailsThe MAX17561/MAX17562/MAX17563 adjustable overvoltage and overcurrent-protection devices are ideal to protect systems against positive and negative input voltage faults up to ±40V and feature low 100mΩ (typ) RONFETs.The adjusta

MAX17608 4.5V to 60V, 1A Current Limiter with OV, UV, and Reverse Protection

Product DetailsThe Olympus series of ICs are the industry’s smallest and robust integrated system protection solutions. The MAX17608/MAX17609/MAX17610 adjustable overvoltage and overcurrent protection devices are ideal to protect systems against pos

LTC4381 Low Quiescent Current eFuse with Surge Protection

Product DetailsThe LTC4381 is an integrated solution for low quiescent current eFuse with an internal 9mΩ N-Channel MOSFET. Overvoltage protection is provided by clamping the gate voltage of an internal 9mΩ N-channel MOSFET to limit the output

MAX17615 4.25V to 60V, 250mA Current Limiter with OV, UV, and Reverse Protection

Product DetailsThe MAX17615 overvoltage and overcurrent-protection device offers adjustable protection boundaries for systems against positive and negative input faults up to +60V and -65V, and output load current up to 250mA. The device features two inte

DS1830 Reset Sequence Pushbutton

Product DetailsThe DS1830 Reset Sequencer monitors the power supply for an in-tolerance condition and the pushbutton reset input for a manual reset. First a precision temperature-compensated reference and comparator circuit monitors the status of the powe

MAX6741 Low-Power Dual-/Triple-Voltage SC70 µP Supervisory Circuits

Product DetailsThe MAX6736–MAX6745 are low-power dual-/triple-voltage microprocessor (µP) supervisors. These devices assert a reset if any monitored supply falls below its factory-trimmed or adjustable threshold and maintain reset for a minimu

MAX16051 Voltage Monitors/Sequencer Circuits with Reverse-Sequencing Capability

Product DetailsThe MAX16050 monitors up to 5 voltages and sequences up to 4 voltages, while the MAX16051 monitors up to 6 voltages and sequences up to 5 voltages. These devices provide an adjustable delay as each supply is turned on and they monitor each

MAX16053 High-Voltage, Adjustable Sequencing/Supervisory Circuits

Product DetailsThe MAX16052/MAX16053 are a family of small, low-power, high-voltage monitoring circuits with sequencing capability. These miniature devices offer very wide flexibility with an adjustable voltage threshold and an external capacitor-adjustab

MAX16141 3.5V to 36V Ideal Diode Controllers with Voltage and Current Circuit Breaker

Product DetailsThe MAX16141/MAX16141A, ideal diode controllers, provide system protection against a variety of system faults, such as reverse current, reverse voltage, overcurrent, input overvoltage/undervoltage, and overtemperature conditions. The wide o

LTC1479 PowerPath Controller for Dual Battery Systems

Product DetailsThe LTC1479 is the heart of a total power management solution for single and dual battery notebook computers and other portable equipment. The LTC1479 directs power from up to two battery packs and a DC power source to the input of the main

LTC4414 36V, Low Loss PowerPath Controller for Large PFETs

Product DetailsThe LTC4414 controls an external P-channel MOSFET to create a near ideal diode function for power switchover. This permits highly efficient OR’ing of multiple power sources for extended battery life and low self- heating. When conduct

LTC4416 LTC4416-1 36V, Low Loss Dual PowerPath Controllers for Large PFETs

Product DetailsThe LTC4416/LTC4416-1 control two sets of external P-channel MOSFETs to create two near ideal diode functions for power switchover circuits. This permits highly efficient OR’ing of multiple power sources for extended battery life and

ADP199 3.6 V, 500 mA Logic Controlled High-Side Load Switch

Product DetailsThe ADP199 is a high-side load switch designed for operation between 0.9 V to 3.6 V. A load switch provides power domain isolation, thereby helping to keep subsystems isolated and powered independently, and enabling reduced power consumptio

LTC4370 Two-Supply Diode-OR Current Balancing Controller

Product DetailsThe LTC4370 is a two-supply current sharing controller which incorporates MOSFET ideal diodes. The diodes block reverse and shoot-through currents during start-up and fault conditions. Their forward voltage is adjusted to share the load cur

MAX16150 nanoPower Pushbutton On/Off Controller and Battery Freshness Seal

Product DetailsThe MAX16150 is an extremely low-power, pushbutton, on/off controller with a switch debouncer and built-in latch. This device accepts a noisy input from a mechanical switch and produces a clean, latched output, as well as a one-shot interru

MAX16163 nanoPower On/Off Controller with Programmable Sleep Time

Product DetailsThe MAX16163 and MAX16164 arenanopower on/off controllers with programmable sleep time. The devices integrate a power switch to gate an output, which provides up to 200mA load current.The MAX16163/MAX16164use either an external resistor to

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